Creative Responses

Taking Charge of Change 2015 – Creative Responses

Calli Doucette – Leadership Light Fixture: “I chose to make a light fixture as I am an electrical apprentice. It will be a daily reminder to be a better and stronger leader. I put the best leader qualities that I strive to have on each side of the jars. The qualities are: organized, educated, listener, mentor, inclusive, solidarity, enthusiastic, engaged, integrity, approachable, knowledge, relational

CalliDoucette - Creative Response - 1 CalliDoucette - Creative Response - 2 CalliDoucette - Creative Response - 3




Annie Preston – Creative Direct Action (A Case Study): Exploring the 2015 Anti-Austerity Movement

AnniePreston TCC Final Project


AmberRichardson - Creative Response - CollageAmber Richardson – Collage: “My creative piece for the course is a collage representing the rejection of “sheepness” by activists in the labour movement. This was inspired by the image of the sheep (the sign originally said “out of work”). I wanted to create an image that overcomes the assumption that young workers are passive in/apathetic to the labour movement, so I chose to portray people of varying genders, cultures, and ethnicities working in solidarity with each other to challenge our flawed system.”

Andrew Meade – Article: “Right to Strike: Essential Services Law Struck Out by Supreme Court”


Sara Tatelman – Union Protest song: co-written and performed with Anya Baker


Catherine Csuzdi – Poster to advertise TCC within her union

CatherineCsuzdi – Creative Response – TCC poster

Alex McBride – Social Media/Facebook Page plan for her union local

BenLord - Creative Response - BraceletBen Lord – Bracelet: As yesterday was the National Day of Mourning, I decided it might be neat to make a bracelet to wear in memory of those who have lost their lives on the job. I chose the colours black and gold, as these are the colours of the campaign poster (gold being symbolic for the candle flame). After finishing this, I decided I should do another because I found the crafting therapeutic (shout-out to self care!) – so I chose red and black in support of the PSAC campaign “We Are All Affected”.

Jonathan House – Article on Taking Charge of Change

JonathanHouse – TCC Creative Response – Article

Jamie Webber – Local Union Presentation for New Executive

JamieWebber – Presentation for Local

Katie Brooks – Young Workers Workplace Survey and Member Mobilization

Aaron Mulugheta Haddish – poem

“The Future Shop has closed down”

I started to laugh because it had to be a joke.

After working here for two years

There was only a note stuck to the door,

To explain that I don’t have a job anymore.

“The Future Shop has closed down”

Is this all that I am worth?

They must think our work is disposable

And it seems like no one’s hiring now…

I have bills, rent, and student loans but no job

It makes me so angry my head starts to throb

Is this all that I am worth?

But what can I do?

I’m just one person trying to get by

I work long and hard for minimum wage

While the CEO’s pay is almost 300 times mine

Yet it’s my job that goes if profits are on the line.

But what can I do…

A single worker alone can’t do much.

But I deserve better, a future that’s just.

So I’ll tweet, march and raise a call

For justice, protection, fair wages for all.

A single worker alone can’t do much

But workers are not alone in this fight.

We have power in solidarity, our collective might.

Dave Witherspoon – Article on TCC for his union’s website

Dan Kumpula – Solidarity Plaque: My creative response is a wooden solidarity fist plaque. The backing is black walnut and the fist is quilted maple, its finished with tung and teak oil.

DanKumpula - Creative Response - Plaque1 DanKumpula - Creative Response - Plaque2 DanKumpula - Creative Response - Plaque3 DanKumpula - Creative Response - Plaque4




Marcus Peterson – “Trash the Vote” Workshop Series in Toronto

Christine Guyot – Educational Game: “Labour and Activism Who’s Who and What’s What in our Backyard (Ottawa)”: I have chosen to create an education tool that could be used in your local, organization, in a high school classroom, etc. It can be adapted to feature people and places that are of importance to the labour movement whether historical or current. It is designed to increase the awareness of the significance and presence of the labour movement and how these signs of it can be found in our own backyard!


  1. Each person takes a turn rolling the dice (see attached pictures).
  2. For the face that lands up, answer the following questions
    1. Who or what is featured?
    2. Where is located?
    3. What is the link to activism and/or the labour movement?
  3. Flip the picture over and see how you did!
  4. Discuss with the group the overall positive or negative impact of the person or element on the labour movement.

ChristineGuyot - Creative Response - Dice1 ChristineGuyot - Creative Response - Dicebrigitte_de_pape ChristineGuyot - Creative Response - Dicebrigittedp ChristineGuyot - Creative Response - Dicejohna ChristineGuyot - Creative Response - Dicesir_john




Kshama Roy – Report on attending TCC 2015

Allison Jones – Unionization Fact Sheet: “It’s a brochure that I created for some friends who are working to unionize their workplace. ”

Amanda Holmberg – Plan to build a COPE Ontario Young Workers’ Alliance and hold a 1/2 day Young Workers Forum: “I originally wanted to do something like an article, but I realized that by putting into action what I was learning, I was directly involved in my learning. I feel this is the best way to champion the tools and lessons that Taking Charge of Change provided to me.”


Cat Gendron – Solidarity Pottery: “I’m just starting to take up pottery and thought this creative response was a great opportunity to get creative and show my passion for the labour movement! Sorry that my craftiness is still wonky – but I’m happy that one of my first clay creations is dedicated to solidarity amongst the working class!”

CatGendron - Pottery - creative entry #1CatGendron - Pottery - creative entry #2_1


Allyson O’Brien: Map of Canada Collage: “I used the map of Canada to represent all those that participated in the TCC course across the country. I then chose to highlight words that were prominent throughout the sessions and that I will continue to use in my activism in the labour movement.”

AllysonOBrien - Creative Response - Map Collage




 Taking Charge of Change 2014

Advanced Completion Creative Responses

Adam Craft – CLC Logo Leather-Carved Notebook

Adam's Notebook Adam's Notebook II Adam's Notebook III




Celyn Dufay“CLC program aims to build social justice and activist leadership” on

A new leadership program educating young workers in movement building and organizing just wrapped up its first session. Developed by the Canadian Labour Congress, Taking Charge of Change is a project spearheaded by the CLC’s Young Workers Department and Educational Department, delivered via online webinar, to advance social justice and activist leadership training. The project’s aim was to build leadership and organizing skills amongst a diverse cohort of Canadian youth…

Hailey Johnson – Taking Charge of Change Poem (untitled)

As young workers we came together from across the nation
To learn from each other and share our stories of our situation.
Brought to us, through technology, by the C.L.C
With teachers from coast to coast, hosted by Dave and Amy.
With the wide range of topics the lessons were intense
But now that they are over, we have a great defence.
The knowledge we now have will help us to arrange
The future that’s in our hands so let’s take charge of change.
One last thing to add while we stand together
Thank you for this opportunity, SOLIDARITY FOREVER!

Amanda Jensen – Article for union newsletter

Miguel Leblanc – “Nothing New on the Youth Front?” – Article for union newsletter

EN: Nothing New on the Youth Front?

FR: Chez les jeunes, rien de nouveau?



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