Anti-Harassment Policy

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) supports the right of every worker to be free of harassment. Complaints of harassment must be brought to the attention of your facilitator or CLC Staff and will be investigated immediately.
What is harassment?
Harassment is unwelcome and unwanted. Harassment is when you show power and superiority over another person because of their :
• race;
• gender;
• ethnic background;
• age;
• sexual orientation;
• disability; language;
• family or marital status;
• political or religious belief.
This can be in the form of jokes, comments, gestures and refusal to work cooperatively. It can be spoken, written or physical. It can be any action or attitude that you know or should know is not appropriate.
Harassment also includes:
• pornographic, racist pictures, graffiti or material;
• leering;
• unnecessary physical contact
• sexual overtures;
• sexual or physical assault

What to do if you have been Harassed
If you believe that you are being harassed, you have the right to make it known, either on your own or through a third party, that the abusive behavior is unwelcome and will not be tolerated. If you believe that you are a victim of harassment while attending a CLC Education session, you should report the incident immediately to your program facilitator or the CLC staff member responsible for administering the program.

The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)
The CLC takes complaints of harassment seriously and will investigate any complaint immediately.

The Effects of Harassment
Harassment makes victims out of innocent people. It is emotionally, psychologically and physically damaging to the victim. Family, work and personal relationships can be severely damaged by harassment. It can also create a hostile, intimidating and poisoned work and learning environment. Tension and stress take a personal toll on both the victim and on those who either are aware of it or witness it. Harassment denies equality to the victims and it undermines our solidarity.


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