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Diving Without a Parachute: Young Workers vs. the Precarious Economy (August 2016)

This special CLC report explores key topics for young workers: jobs, education, diversity & equality, 2017-02-02-13_38_47-2016-diving-without-a-parachute-clc-special-report-aug2016-pdf-adobe-acrobat-ractivism & engagement, and presents key points of discussion on the future of work for young people. Displayed in an attractive and accessible format, this paper is a short primer for union members, activists, and the public.

Download it in English here: 2016-diving-without-a-parachute-clc-special-report-aug2016 / Download it in French here: 2016-sauter-sans-parachute-rapport-special-ctc-aout2016

Diverse, Engaged, and Precariously Employed: An In-Depth Look at Young Workers in Canada (August 2016)

This comprehensive research paper explores demographics, education & student debt, poverty, unions, and civic activism. This paper is a resource for researchers, unions and policy makers.

Download it in English here: 2016-diverse-engaged-precariously-employed-clc-2016-en / Download it in French here: 2016-diverse-engaged-precariously-employed-clc-2016-fr

CLC Young Workers Committee Kit

Kit - front coverStarting a Young Workers Committee in your union or community?  Check out our resource guide to help you get started.

In English here: 2014-01 YW-CommitteeKit-EN / En Francais ici: 2014-01 YW-CommitteeKit-FR



Union Advantage for Young Workers 2014: Download the infographics for each province.

 Underemployment is Canada’s Real Labour Market Challenge (Angella MacEwan, 2014)

Each month, Statistics Canada releases its unemployment rate, and many use it to talk about job creation in Canada. Monthly unemployment rates move up and down, making headlines but revealing little. As work patterns change, with greater use of part-time employees and other forms of precarious labour, the headline unemployment rate becomes less and less useful on its own. The labour force is comprised of far more than simply employed and unemployed workers…

Download the full report here: 2014 – CLC Underemployment Is Canada’s Real Challenge

Read this excerpt from “Occupy This!” by Judy Rebick

occupythis_0“Zuccotti Park is located in my least favourite neighbourhood in New York City, halfway between Ground Zero and the Stock Exchange. It’s usually a grey and lifeless part of the city inhabited by gawking tourists and rushing traders. The moment I stepped off the subway, however, I noticed a difference. Lively discussions were going on everywhere, one on one and in groups. Even before I stepped into the encampment, something felt different. It took me a while to understand what it was…” (Keep reading here.)

Read: A Manifesto for Non-Violent Revolution, 1976

” How can we live at home on planet Earth? As individuals we often feel our lack of power to affect the course of events or even our own environment. We sense the untapped potential in ourselves, the dimensions that go unrealized. We struggle to find meaning in a world of tarnished symbols and impoverished cultures. We long to assert control over our lives, to resist the heavy intervention of state and corporation in our plans and dreams. We sometimes lack the confidence to celebrate life in the atmosphere of violence and pollution which surrounds us. Giving up on altering our lives, some of us try at least to alter our consciousness through drugs. Turning ourselves and others into objects, we experiment with sensation. We are cynical early, and blame ourselves, and wonder that we cannot love with a full heart.

The human race groans under the oppressions of colonialism, war, racism, totalitarianism, and sexism. Corporate capitalism abuses the poor and exploits the workers, while expanding its power through the multinational corporations. The environment is choked. National states play power games, which defraud their citizens and prevent the emergence of world community. What shall we do?”

Download the rest here: George Lakey – Nonviolent Manifesto

 Read: Guide to Coalition Building

A huge part of building social movements is the necessity that we build coalitions. Check out this quick guide on coalition building brought to you by rabble.ca.

Watch: Solidarity Halifax

How can the idea of radical imagination help us invigorate social movements? Watch this 15-minute YouTube video of authors Max Haiven and Alex Khasnabish (note it’s in two parts). They’re from Halifax and have been involved in building Solidarity Halifax, a social movement we’ll discuss at this session.

Dive into: This great online resource, the Catalyzing Liberation Toolkit.

Assigned reading in this resource is limited to the article on “Organizing Strategy” by Chris Crass. If you’re keen for more, read the three articles listed in the Recommended Reading section. http://collectiveliberation.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/catalyzing%20liberation%20toolkit.pdf


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